This is unlike anything I've seen before and I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. I ran for about a mile today, then walked the rest of the way home (.6mi). While I walked, I looked up at the blue sky and tried to see auras if I could. I got a few little hits here and there: brown "smoke" above trees, glowy blobby auras from mostly everything else, and tiny things spiraling around against the sky. I didn't do it long. When I got inside, I sat down and briefly closed my eyes.

I saw a blob, like the kind you might see if you stare at the sun. I opened my eyes and it went away so I closed them again. I focused my eyes on the image, and instead of jumping away or fading, it actually became brighter and more vivid. It got to the point where it became clearly defined and red around the edges. Then there were two of them. They were not remotely like the fuzzy blobs and vague impressions I'm used to. I'm actually having trouble believing that I saw them.

They looked like movie explosions-like big fireballs, orange or red around the edges, but inside was just white like paper. They were also flat like paper cutouts. Something caused me to focus on the second one, and the first one faded from view. After a while I think I opened my eyes, and the images were gone. The whole thing lasted around 30 seconds.

This has never happened to me before, so it seems like it could be a result of my aura seeing practice. But my aura seeing has never been anything like that, it has never involved color or such perfect detail. Rather than zoning out or partially nodding off, which sometimes gets me good results, I was seeing this in a full-on active, awake and aware state.

Is this familiar to anyone else? I have one suspicion as to what the shape might represent, but I'm going to hold off on sharing that right now.

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