Paul Scheele just finished four brand-new Paraliminals to stimulate your nonconscious mind in four impressively useful ways. Once you get your set and experience them for yourself, you rightfully could be saying What took you so long?!

Financial Security
Create financial well-being and strength

Overcoming Overwhelm
Act with calm, clarity, and effectiveness

Seeing the Unseen
Uncover new answers, insights, and ideas

Welcome the magic and fullness of life

New Paraliminal #1

Financial Security (in 24 minutes)
Create financial well-being and strength

What is compromising your financial security? What issues are in front of you right now or might be in the future?

This new Paraliminal helps you win the money game by addressing those issues head on.

Do any of these play in your life?

Credit card debt is mounting
Dont save enough money
Want the down-payment to buy a house
Need to replace a car, the roof on your house, or ___________
Want to retire at 65

The Financial Security Paraliminal helps you visualize your ideal future and hold it firmly in your mind so that your nonconscious promptly responds. It frees inner emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual resources to make your visualization come to life.

What good is a visualization if it does not show up in your everyday life?

The processes on Financial Security bring you the ideas, resources, people, and opportunities that assure your prosperous health and well-being.

You will:

Free yourself from worries and undue concerns about money.

Tap your inner wisdom to create new and effective ways to earn, spend, and save money.

Establish habits that enable a positive cash flow and free you of debt.

Use your gifts and talents to earn money in the perfect and meaningful way for you.

Recognize and affirm the value of your service and contributions.

Spend in ways that support your daily needs and help you save more of what you earn.

Choose financial priorities that reinforce the values truly important to you.

Allocate what you earn to meet current obligations and have enough for the extras you enjoy.

Effectively follow through at the right moments with the right actions to achieve every financial goal you set.

Live life on your terms as you move steadily toward the ideal future for you.

New Paraliminal #2

Overcoming Overwhelm (in 19 minutes)
Act with calm, clarity, and effectiveness

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? With all of the stuff coming at us each day, its hard to avoid being overwhelmed.

But you never have to be again.

All of those mental images of urgent priorities that lodge in our minds and make us feel locked up, anxious, and tired can be a thing of the past.

Paul created Overcoming Overwhelm to pull you out of overwhelming feelings in just 19 minutes and train your nonconscious mind to deal with those stresses of life differently.

The Paraliminal helps get you to a place of stillness. It soothes your emotions, energizes your body and mind, and sheds light on your abundant strengths, capabilities, and wisdom.

Everything sorts out. You can see more clearly. You can act more effectively.

Avoid being sidetracked, pummeled, and worn by distractions and demands.

Experience a sanctuary of stillness at any time.

Unlock strength and energy when you feel yanked in multiple directions.

Quickly revitalizephysically, mentally, and emotionally.

Automatically respond to situations as they arise with ease and effectiveness.

Prioritize commitments so you have time for what matters most.

Maintain a positive expectation for success.
New Paraliminal #3

Seeing the Unseen (in 25 minutes)
Uncover new answers, insights, and ideas

Have you ever wanted Sherlock Holmes remarkable proficiencies of observation and logical reasoning?

Paul Scheele says you have remarkable capacities of perception waiting to be tapped. Every image and sound can be observed and acted upon.

And thanks to his new Seeing the Unseen Paraliminal, you can turn on your powers of observation so that your brain recognizes patterns and makes important connections.

It helps you disregard distractions, see unseen details, quickly make associations, and solve the mysteries around you. As a result, you improve the quality of your decisions, bring greater clarity and ease to your life, and manifest what you choose.

Brain scientists estimate your eyes and brain routinely process 10 million bits of information a second, yet you consciously only perceive 40 bits of the information being processed. Thats because the perceptional defense mechanisms in the brain limit what registers with the conscious mind. This keeps you from being overwhelmed by too much stimulation. Its really a matter of survival.

But with this Paraliminal you can use these heightened senses and your full processing bandwidth to your advantagezooming in, magnifying, cranking up the volume, and responding to subtle signals.

As you use this Paraliminal, you will:

Harness your powers of observation to guide your decisions and actions.

Explore the sights, sounds, and feelings to enhance your understanding of life.

Perceive new ways of solving problems and challenges you face.

Build confidence in your ability to discern what you need in each moment.

Improve the accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness of your thinking.

Shift your awareness to see from multiple perspectives, catching relevant details others do not.

Observe the true essence of the people, animals, and objects in your environment.

Turn on the pattern-recognition abilities of your brain to discover intricate connections between causes and effects.

Tune in more quickly to what is important and meaningful to help you fully realize your highest intentions.

New Paraliminal #4

Gratitude (in 21 minutes)
Welcome the magic and fullness of life

This might be the most essential Paraliminal of your new four.

Using it helps you become truly grateful for everything in your life. Your health, family, friends, home, work, finances, books, movies, transportation, clothing

And it helps you activate a power greater than you might realize.

When gratitude becomes a way of being, [u]gratitude is the most favorable environment for manifestation.[\u]

It is a powerful force to create whatever you want to be in your life from positive emotions to perfect health to loving relationship to luxury goods.

When you are failing to manifest your desires, it is generally because theres little genuine belief behind them. Instead theres a natural tendency to focus on the lack of the thing you want, and this condition of lack is the antithesis of gratitude.

When you live with gratitude in your heart, you constantly affirm all that is right and desirable with your life. Focus on what you have, and youll get more of what you want.

Listening to Gratitude predisposes you to greater belief that you already have or already are that which you seek. Creation becomes stronger, more impactful, and more enduring.

Gratitude is a magic potion of life.

Listening to our new Gratitude Paraliminal will, most assuredly, change your life.

Radiate loving-kindness toward yourself and others in new and surprising ways.

Align with high-intensity emotionshappiness, joy, peace, contentment, and thankfulnessto turbocharge your intentions.

Use your breath to balance your body, mind, and emotions.

Fully open your heart to the gift of forgiveness for self-healingphysically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Make gratitude a normal response to everything in your life.

Appreciate how the simple things can be a source of strength and vitality.

Connect wholeheartedly with everyone you encounter.

Your cool free bonus!

Color your way to release deep inner resources

Weve created a special adult coloring book for you based on the metaphors and stories woven deep within our four new Paraliminals.

Coloring automatically releases stress, brings on calm, and puts you into a receptive state for accessing the resources of your inner mind.

Your coloring book was created by our art director Lon Jerome, who has been creating our beautiful artwork for 10 years now. There are drawings for each of the new Paraliminals. We call them the Colorliminals!

Simply select a Paraliminal, open to its drawings, set the sleep learning track of the Paraliminal to repeat, and allow your inner child to come out while Pauls messages dance through your mind.

The sleep learning track is the section of the Paraliminal with multiple voices, and youll love coloring with this going on.

Order all four of the new Paraliminals during this introductory promotion and receive the coloring book as a special bonus.

Whether you order your new Paraliminals as CDs or digital recordings, you will access your coloring book through our online digital Library. This way you can print out as many of the drawings as youd like. You can color them again and again!

Check them out go to

Thank you for putting your faith and confidence in us and the programs we create for you.

For your personal best,