The easiest way to deal with the nasty voice that sometimes injects itself into your head is listening to the Automatic Pilot Paraliminal, Session A.

It generally gives you the peace you need immediately.

That voice might come back later in the day, or tomorrow, or next week, but at least you have peace and calm right away. And typically, the next listening will give you longer-lasting peace.

Automatic Pilot works because it ties your negative self-talk into a goal or commitment.

It helps teach your brain to stay focused and in the flow of your goal, and it helps you respond at your highest level of ability.

Session A helps clarify the goal and the resources you will need. You clear the way and create a path to your goal without blocks, resistance, or internal conflict.

As a result, the negative voice quiets down or even leaves the room. A positive, supportive voice may come in its place.

Here are three of the ways negative self-talk can become a problem:

• You have something you want to do, a task, big project, or substantial goal, but you're coming up with every reason why you cannot or should not do it.
• A relationship comes to an end, and you can't stop thinking about your former partner. (If it is more like compulsive thinking, use the New Option Generator instead.)
• You don't meet your expectations, and you blame yourself.

If you find that little voice in the back of your head to be anything but your best friend and biggest cheerleader, listen to Automatic Pilot, Session A, until it leaves you alone. Make sure you follow Paul Scheele's guidance at the beginning of the session by tying it into a goal or intention. It really works.

You are welcome to go onto Session B, but it is not necessary if you simply want to squash that negative voice. If you do want to go onto Session B, breeze through the booklet that comes with the Paraliminal for tips.

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