How can you get your nonconscious mind working to get you what you want?

Maybe you want a better job, new car, updated wardrobe, a healthy relationship, to get rid of a cold, or most anything else. Do you have something in mind?

The best Paraliminal to use, believe it or not, is Prosperity.

You see, this Paraliminal 1) helps your mind stay focused on what you want, and 2) keeps your antenna always on the lookout and drawing it to you.

Decades ago Earl Nightingale said, "You become what you think about." The problem is that today's fragmented and fast-paced world makes it challenging to stay focused on something. That's where the Prosperity Paraliminal comes in.

It keeps a part of you—your powerful nonconscious mind—focused on what you want.

Prosperity also activates your brain's ability to attract what you want. That's why after listening to the Paraliminal you may find people and opportunities simply come your way.

When you first press play, Paul Scheele will ask you to:

1) Select an area of your life where you want more abundance.
2) Think of what you specifically desire.
3) Ask yourself, "If I could experience it right now, would I accept it?" (If not, pause the recording and get clear on what you want.)

Then simply relax into the Paraliminal. You can even let your mind wander. You can dose off. After listening, get on with your life.

You don't have to listen to Prosperity every day for a particular goal. Consider listening just once and putting a note in your calendar to review the goal in two or three weeks. At that point, you can choose to move on or listen again.

Prosperity could easily become your favorite Paraliminal.

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