If you can sprinkle Weed-Be-Gone on your lawn to get rid of weeds, why can't you sprinkle Poor-Be-Gone over yourself to stop being poor?
You can. Almost.
Instead of sprinkling, though, you would be using a Paraliminal called Abundant Money Mindset.
With this "mindset," the weeds of fears, blocks, and hang-ups about money are eliminated so you can attract and receive more money.
Sprinkle daily – I mean, listen daily – for the first week and periodically thereafter as you need support.
If money is a big issue with you, I'd recommend listening daily for a month, once a week for a few months after that, and then whenever you would like a boost.
A lot of people think money is foul, evil, or infectious. That's B.S.
And given how many people chase it, you would think it's the source of life and unending happiness. More B.S.
It is none of that! Money is a POWERFUL and useful tool to make life easier and more interesting.
Yes, the capital letters are intended. Money is very, very powerful, and the Abundant Money Mindset will work with your nonconscious mind to make it easier to flow in your life.
Earn more money… build financial strength… and use money in ways that serve you.
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