When a kid shoots hoops past sunset to get better, that is not grim determination.

When someone gets up two hours early to write a book, that is not grim determination.

When I spent days working with raw cherry wood to meticulously build a tongue and groove wall in my home, that was not grim determination.

When you listen to a Paraliminal every morning, that is not grim determination.

When you practice qigong every day for your health, that is not grim determination.

Not at all! We do it because it is important to us. We love it. It is of high value to us.

Someone might look at us and call it grim determination or self-discipline. But for us it flows naturally from the strength of clear purpose and living in alignment with our values.

If you want that, use the Self-Discipline Paraliminal.

It will help you eliminate energy wasters and develop a disciplined habit of taking consistent action on the things you need to do.

It will help you on a very deep level channel your intentions, values, actions, and habits to create the life you choose to live.

Someone will look at you and think, "Now that's self-discipline." But you will know you've unlocked energy so that your life flows.

Begin by using it daily for a week and you might just find yourself PhotoReading a book every day, getting really good at playing the guitar, painting your home, making more money than you dreamed, and achieving your heart's desire.

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