As time goes on, how can you bring romance back into your relationship?

Bookstores are filled with advice, but honestly, the only advice you need is right here: Listen to the Creating Sparks Paraliminal.

Listen anytime, but especially within a couple of hours of being with your partner. Shifts begin in your nonconscious mind and bubble consciously. Your energetic patterns change, and this change in you can affect the patterns within your partner. You are connected on the energetic level. Sparks can begin to fly.

Even better would be your partner also using Creating Sparks. Consider lying in bed together listening at the same time. Either use two devices or plug both sets of headphones into one device with a splitter (they are inexpensive on Amazon).

Listening multiple times in a month will help you set yourself up for years of romance. Revisit Creating Sparks whenever you could use a boost.

Romance is a beautiful part of a relationship. You don’t have to let it fall by the wayside as time goes on. It can deepen feelings of trust, mystery, and grace in your relationship.

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