When you are in the throes of an anxiety response, grab Session B of Anxiety-Free.

It will help pull you out of the vicious cycle of physical and mental reaction.

Of course, the problem is remembering to use Anxiety-Free, Session B. An anxiety attack can be debilitating and can keep you from thinking straight and taking action. I saw it in a friend two weeks ago, and it was gut-wrenching for me (I can’t imagine what it was like for him).

If you’re prone to strong fear or an anxiety response, use the following sequence NOW to rout it out and reclaim your power.

Day One, listen to Session A.

Day Two, listen to Session B.

Day Three, listen to Session A again.

This series of steps will put you into a high state of resourcefulness regarding the circumstance you need to handle.

Session A puts you in charge. Session B teaches you to turn off anxieties while simultaneously training you to prevent the cycle in the future.

You have always survived situations you fear. The advantage of multiple listenings—which are only 18 minutes each—is that you remember this truth emotionally as well as intellectually. In this way you rewrite invalid fears and reclaim your ability to choose the response you want.

Don’t be shy about returning to this series now and then, especially when you are having anxious moments.

And if in the future anxiety tries ruling your emotions, you will be in better shape to remember to use Session B.

Using Session A will help you gain freedom from fears and project strength. Using Session B will give you the power to take action.

The mind is an amazing resource we all have. When it doesn’t function in the way you’d like, you have choices. Always keep Paraliminals in mind, because they can be a godsend in helping you live a fulfilling life and experiencing your potential.

Just because something isn’t going well, it doesn’t mean you are bad or broken. Set judgements aside, and resolve to step forward. Despite outward appearances, on the inside you are whole.

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