HI all,

Just had a thought the other day.

Now is the time to PhotoRead.

Here in the England, students old and young have gone back to school and university in the last few weeks..

You are at the beginning of your school year or course.

The pressure is off. Start using the techniques now

Libraries are quiet too, it's easy to PhotoRead (Preview, Prepare, PhotoRead, Postview) an entire university reading list in the first couple of weeks. Nobody else will be doing this!

There are some great posts here on how to get into PhotoReading i.e.
Reading 3-5 books a day for a month - did mine in a local library, I'd left university by that point. Oh what I could do now.
Applying the 5 day test is good - still follow this now.

You might like to listen to - Read like a PHD

Read the sections in the book at studying with PhotoReading.

Take it from somebody who could have done this and didn't. I had the original tape course.

I'm now doing it as part of my job, as I have to read, learn, digest and teach what I have learnt to other people on a consistent basis.