I just emailed the following note to many of our customers. Just in case you did not receive it, I wanted to invite you to a special retreat with Paul...

Imagine a full week of life changing
experiences - morning, noon, and
evening - designed to arouse your
psyche, bolster your performance, and
calm your spirit. All in the name of
maximizing YOUR potential.

Paul R. Scheele, one of the world's
leading mind explorers and principle
developer of the programs we publish,
will take you on a playful journey into
the real power centers of your
mind...to accelerate your mental,
emotional, and spiritual growth.

You will re-enter your present life
with heightened self-awareness and new
perspectives on life that will smooth
rough edges, focus your direction, and
tune your brain for a sudden advance in
your quality of life.

In the weeks before the retreat, Paul
will help you zero in on where you want
to see passion, powerful action, and
new results. You can be assured of
significant improvement, integrated
change, and joy.

How is he going to do that?

The retreat will be your opportunity to
play with leading edge mental processes
that Paul is working on. He'll bring to
the event the most successful and
popular processes to-date and weave
them into the new material he's been
working on in the past few years. It
will be an experience unlike any other,
and you will be creating new neural
pathways faster than ever!

For example, you will discover Advanced
Strategies of Influence and combine
them with new processes of reading
minds. You will explore transmitting
thoughts directly into the minds of

Far fetched?

Have you ever known what another person
is thinking? Have you ever accurately
judged the intentions and feelings of
another? This kind of "reading" of
minds is something we all do and take
for granted.

A dominant theory to explain this
uncanny ability is that we understand
what is going through the minds of
others by mentally mimicking what the
other is thinking, feeling, or doing.
At the University of Parma, Italy,
researchers identified an entirely new
class of neurons called "mirror"
neurons-"mirror" because they seem to
fire in sympathy, reflecting or perhaps
simulating the actions of others.

In essence, you will learn the latest
and most powerful persuasion and
influence technologies, techniques,
tricks, and strategies to ethically get
others to respond in the way you want,
and to take the action that will
generate your results.

That is only a taste of what you will
experience. And, you will receive all
of the coaching you need after the
retreat to make sure you can fully
benefit from what you learn.

Ideally, you would have already done
the PhotoReading, Genius Code, Natural
Brilliance, and Spring Forest Qigong
personal learning courses before the
event, but it is not necessary. If you
haven't, you can get one of the courses
at no charge (see below).

Paul says PhotoReading is the most
important, because right there at the
retreat he will guide you through
PhotoReading dozens of books to take on
new skills and behaviors to help you
make a quantum leap. You'll find it
stimulating, eye-opening, and

As a bonus, Chunyi Lin will visit our
group one evening to talk about
universal energy and going into the
emptiness. He will lead a Spring Forest
Qigong meditation and do a healing for
each participant. (Plus, Paul will lead
a session of Qigong active exercise
every noon.)

It will definitely be a week-long
buffet for your mind!


Here are the details of the event.

* Begins 2:00 PM on Sunday, August 24.
It finishes at 11:00 AM on Friday,
August 29.

* The location is the beautiful
Radisson hotel in Plymouth, Minnesota.
This is 25 minutes west of downtown

* Tuition is $2400 and includes a
private room, three delicious and
nutritious meals a day, invigorating
breaks, and all training and
experiential sessions. If you enroll
with one or more other people, you will
each save $100. If you are willing to
share your hotel room with another
person, and if such arrangement can be
made, each will save $250.

* You will receive a series of
motivating and thought provoking emails
from Paul beginning the first of June
to help you prepare for your
breakthrough. You don't want to miss
any of these goodies! You can do as
much or as little in advance that you
would like. But, know that the better
prepared you are for the retreat, the
more benefit you will receive.

* Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are
not delighted with the experience, you
may request a refund of $1000 within 30
days of completing the retreat.
Personally, I can't even imagine anyone
not being blown away with ecstasy!

* TO ENROLL, go to this special web page and
make a $100 deposit. Within a couple of
days we will send you an enrollment
agreement and additional information
including notes for getting the best
airfare to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.


My personal advice? Make the
commitment, and sign up now. Treat it
as that special vacation you've been
promising yourself. It is time to take
care of yourself.

If you have any questions, please send
us an email. Give us a few days to
respond, just in case we are inundated
with requests.

Paul has not done a retreat like this
since the Natural Brilliance retreats.
The book and the personal learning
course came out of the retreats, and
the participants loved their
experiences. If a new course emerges
from your retreat, you will receive an
autographed copy of the course at 50%

I look forward to seeing you in August.

Sign up now.


Pete Bissonette

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