Hello everybody,

I was wondering if someone could help me understand a recurring metaphor heard in many paraliminal resets audio narratives. Similar metaphors are present in other paraliminals as well.

During the audio narrative, the narrator evokes a somewhat bucolic scene ("like the open space of a tranquil lake site, with a gentle stream flowing nearby...") which then progresses ("very close to you is the source of this stream, a clean clear spring ever flowing with this refreshing life renewing resources, from deep, deep within the earth ) toward the discovery of some kind of reservoir within your body and/or mind. Note that I've taken these sentences from the paraliminal reset Calm, but, as I said, it seems to be a recurrent metaphor in many paraliminals, so I want to understand it well.

Ok, for starters: it is not clear whether one should directly imagine this nature scene, or maybe let your mind head toward more abstract things (abstract images, free-wandering mind and whatsoever). Which one should be? I guess there is no rule, LOL? Then, again, any suggestions will be appreciated.
But, most importantly: at a certain point, as I mentioned, the paraliminals talks about finding a "reservoir" of some type within yourself (I guess?), from where we can tap the desired energy (i.e., feeling we'd like to shift toward). This clearly seems to be the climaxing point of the listening experience, meant to make you definitely shift your current feelings toward the desired ones (focus, calm, boldness and so on, depending on the chosen reset).
Well, my question is, what would this "reservoir", be, exactly? What should the listener think of? Meaning: is it a specific part of your body that you feel especially "good" when you focus upon it?
Or, is this reservoir maybe a memory through which you can recall moments in your life when you felt [focused, bold, calm.. Depending on the paraliminal]?
Is it something else that I haven't thought of? Is there any feedback or comments available about this?

I would seriously like to properly get what this "reservoir" is, because I believe it would help me to fully benefit from the resets.

Again, any help would be greatly appreciated.



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