From listening to track 3 of the genius code paraliminal on repeat. Focusing on the most optimal and efficient use of my time as an objective.

This came up…Ask the following:

How can I embrace everything that seems stupid and turn it into an asset? How can I embrace every aspect of the fool and turn this into an asset in my life? What useful ideas or benefits could arise from considering the irrational, insane, illogical, and seemingly nonlinear aspects of a situation?

There is the potential to see and access a web of brilliant ideas behind every idea I’ve dismissed as less than intelligent (or for any other reason). It is helpful to embrace and look at every idea no matter how bad it seems initially.

To also look past and beyond it and any associations that idea might have or bring up…Especially if I am to see what others might not see… and access potential genius not obvious at first glance but only discovered through depth perception and long periods of contemplation.

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