I just wanted to share a labyrinth experience I had today.

I have to admit the paraliminal while giving me insights has to date been nothing like my actual labyrinth experience at the retreat. However today was different and I thought I'd share it in case others might like to experiment with a similar idea.

After going to bed at 5am and waking 8:30 am I read my goals and decided to do the labyrinth paraliminal. On a quirk I decided I'd like to continue my journey starting from where my dream left off, in a pyramid. I had the fleeting thought that it might not work because Paul guides us up a mountain and I might get distracted translating it into a journey underneath a pyramid.

All I can say was it was the most lucid experience I've had with the labyrinth paraliminal. The stone walls changing colours and mirrors next to the guardian allowed me to see and experience the answers. After climbing the stairs in the “summit” I had a rather awe inspiring experience.

In thinking about how come this labyrinth experience was as powerful or more powerful (undecided as both have an equally important impact on me at the stage of my growth) as the experience I had at the retreat. I couldn't explain why it worked but can see why there is no reason why it shouldn't work. Our mountain at the retreat was a corner of the room squared off. We were invited to imagine the mountain but reminded that it was a journey inwards. So in a sense while I was traveling through the pyramid I was using Paul's voice as a reminder of the purpose of my journey. Throughout I was more aware of my surrounding than I have ever been on the mountain journeys. Things like the flickering lights, the dark unlit portions of the caverns and even Paul's guidance from both voices had much more meaning for me.

I know from my personal experience that my future labyrinth journeys won't necessarily start at the foot of a mountain. Perhaps a valley, or between 2 sphinxes or maybe even a cavern under an island