Financial Abundance isn't the only form of abundance. Everyone is after their own thing. I'd never want to own a BMW no matter how much money I have

I have learned not to talk too much about my successes as they are unfolding, so I've kept my posts down to mini sucesses. Given where my life was at before the Abundance for Life Retreat and where I am now. There has been a big change. I've never been after huge financial abundance so it's not one of my personal top goals. My family has noticed a huge change in me as a person exactly in the area of abundance I enjoy.

The most important part of the course is in the prelude. But I've noticed that people tend to rush that part thinking the rest of the course is the real meat of the course. Once you are comfortable using the techniques taught in the prelude it does become easier to attract the kind of abundance you desire.

Doing "The Work" on the financial Abundance question was a real eye opener for me. I discovered the only reason I wanted financial wealth was because others convinced me that is what I needed.