So, Frodo02, I'm not going to get into the argument about which abundance is better, because no one can win it. It is easy to argue any side.

Whatever your belief, however, I challenge you to run it through the Feeling Exercise or the Inquiry Process of the Abundance for Life course. Release the power that you're holding in it.

I've talked with a few clients who have made a lot of money since using the Abundance for Life course. Good for them.

I also know two separate women, with whom I just happen to speak recently, whose lives have totally and completely turned around. They are two of the happiest people I've met in a long time. But they are pretty poor. Both attribute their "new lives" to the Abundance for Life course. I betcha financial abundance is not too far behind for them.

For some people the course has been very easy. They see results. For others it has been difficult. To those people I always direct right back to the Feeling Exercise and Inquiry Process--that is where most can have the greatest breakthrough. (The meditations all also quite effective in helping people.)

One of the guys who found it difficult actually made a lot of money in a very short period of time. But he continued to be miserable, unhappy, and depressed. The money didn't do it for him. He's been spending a lot of time on those two processes and is seeing a little progress each month.

Another guy, who I spoke with yesterday, makes a nice living. A year ago he was swinging into bouts of being angry and vindictive. He said that is all behind him as of last November.

Now, WebCrawler2010 says "Can't say that I've experienced much, if any, results, outcomes, or abundance of anything, from having used the AFL program."

It is not about "having used" anything. It is about using it continually until the energy opens and manifests in your life the way you want it. It is not a one-time shot (it might be, but when it isn't stay with it).

When Paul and I met back in 1981 we were both struggling financially. I had lentils for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for many years. But we were mind explorers. We got a lot of people to support us while we did what we loved--all we had to do was share it with our supporters.

These suppporters were not benefactors, but they were clients who paid us $15 here and $98 there. All we had to do was learn, discover, and share in such a way that the clients received benefit.

It was a continual growing experience for us, and for our clients.

At some point we figured out how create abundance in all areas of life--including our own lives. We shared it with clients, and they experienced abundance. When we were confident of the process, we created the Abundance for Life course.

You might say, "Yah, but you made your money by selling these courses to us."

Sure, I make a very nice income from Learning Strategies, but I now have money and wealth coming in from many sources totally unrelated to this business. It is incredible.

For my property, I have full use of my neighbor's bobcat and attachments worth $35,000 (and I use it just about every weekend on my projects!). I just purchased a piece of crystal for $4,000 that I can turn around and sell for $38,000. I bought a piece of property for $125,000 and within a year had an offer on it for $465,000. One of the best woodcarvers in the USA just offered to teach me his craft in my home next winter at no charge (do you have any idea what that is worth!!). When I vacation can stay in private awesome properties free. And on and on. Abundance flows and grows.

So, listen to what Paul and I say. The stuff works. Use it. Absorb everything that you can and apply it every single day. You will reap the benefits.