Finally!!! Kudos Mr. Frodo for saying it.

Yeah, I admit that achieving abundance in the areas of personal and spiritual development is nice, cool even, but that's not just what the program promises and has not delivered. Following is an excerpt from the email I received announcing the program:

Finally, a wholistically-grounded
WEALTH-MAKING course from the mind of Paul R. Scheele to help you rewrite the script
of your life to give you overflowing
Abundance for Life.

whether you want OUTWARD PROSPERITY of family ski trips, additions to your home, and 'BMWs'

- or -

a spiritually complete lifestyle of
Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love

- or -


Dear Web,

You may BECOME RICH BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS sometime after completing this thorough course of 24 CDs, a phenomenal DVD, a course manual, support follow-up email, and one-on-one coaching. Mind expanding. Life altering.

Or you may uncover a richness in your life of pure joy in every moment, freeing forgiveness for all who cross you, illumination of your soul, and a second sight for the absolute best the world has to offer. Every cell of your body will come alive like the first time you fell in

Or you may simply FIND TREASURES AND BREAKTHROUGHS AND SUCCESSES that have eluded you for years."

Or, you may GET THEM ALL!


I concur with Alex that financial abundance isn't the only form of abundance; however, I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Frodo that financial abundance is a key factor and that other forms of abundance are much easily met via financial abundance than not.

Further, if financial abundance is not your thing, than one can also achieve and experience ôrichness in life" by simply investing as little $6.99 in a paperback edition of the Silva Mind Method book, or other type method book, as opposed to shelling out $280 for the main course or $450 for the deluxe.