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No, I'm not in the crystal business. I simply bought well. I got it because it was beautiful, and I new underpriced. Well, I soon learned that I could sell it to a dealer for $9 to $10 who will sell it to a store for $20 who will sell it for $40. I've since seen pieces priced in the $30 to $40 range that were not of the quality or beauty of mine. In two days I could sell it for $9; in two months $38. But it is not for sale, but is there in case I need it in retirement!

I was with Hale Dwoskin of The Sedona Method and his wife, Amy. The interesting thing is that we then drove to the other side of town to look for a tabletop for their patio. We saw a dirty piece of labradorite outside of a stone plant and just stood there in awe. It was beautiful as well as the perfect size and color to be used as a base for my crystal. So, within 30 minutes of buying the first piece, I got the second piece. The universe provided!

We use the crystal as the centerpiece for the Diamond Feng Shui Retreat this past February. We're not going to talk about the crystal in the self-study were producing, but if you get the course, be sure to ask me about the crystal. I'll tell how and why it was so perfect for the Retreat.