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I think along with the good feelings, and the associated good energy, vibrations, etc, some form of action has to be intitiated, otherwise how can anything happen?

This is something that the course does not address: concrete guidelines, steps one can take to physically manifest the various forms of abundance one may desire, such as financial, or relationships ...

The Seven-Step Creative Process is for exactly that. The concrete guidelines for the steps one can take to physcially manifest any abundance one may desire.

One important aspect of the Seven Step Process that is often overlooked is Step OneClarity. Making sure that the goal you think you want to achieve is in fact a goal that you want to achieve.

The manual offers some important guidelines in the Seven-Step Process starting on page 22 to page 29. No need to rely on the CD alone.

The Prelude section of the course teaches somevisualisation technquies that are extreemly useful as part of the Seven-Step Process.

One thing about financial abundance it has to be within our comfort zone. We attach varying amounts of responsability with having money. We don't always want to be responsible for more. Some of us can't get over what our mothers would think of us living a carefree luxuious lifestyle. Or remembering how hard our father worked just to make ends meet. Then there is the fear that it changes how our friend perceive us. And what if, really if you suddenly did get all the wealth you wanted overnight? Have you got the skills right now to keep it? There are certain things you have to do to keep your wealth when it comes your way. Do you have those skills? What really are the sacrifices you have to make to have abundance? That's part of the Seven-Step Creative Process.