Thanks Alex for your good view points. Yes, some of us have some internal resistance especially against financial abundance.
If we look closely then we will find that most people have a level of acceptance.
This means how much wealth and success they can accept.

As Alex wrote that some may not allow financial abundance because for instance their parents had to work hard just to survive. This makes them feel guilty or unworthy to have wealth and success.

The so called new rich usually show off and brag with their new achieved wealth.
They might not find it normal to have it compared to the Old rich. The old rich
normally donít brag. For most of them being wealth is a normal state and they
hardly can imagine anything else.

For instance in Germany after WWII nearly all people where on the same poverty
level but the old rich almost instantly recovered and became rich again. Consider
that many of the old rich had lost all their possessions and many had fleed from
the territory occupied by the Soviets. In spite of this within a few years they were
back to their old level of wealth or even better of then before.