One of the stories I have heard regarding self made millionaires is that once they have developed this skill they could pretty much parachute naked into a remote area and in three year be a millionaire once again.

Of course these days, a million isn't what it use to be.

To me having Abundance for Life is a path you follow. It is best developed on a slow and steady climb. If you all of a sudden were to receive a 60 million dollar in flow it would be a very large shock to most peoples system
and the majority would not be able to handle it.

It is just as big a shock as going broke and losing everything as it is to all of sudden have more money than you could ever possibly spend.

I enjoy hearing peoples stories that became a success as Pete shared eating Lentils for years because he believed in what he was doing and I'm sure he had a great affinity for following his dream. It panned out and he still does the same thing on a grander scale.

Seeing people go through hard times and how they deal with it shows what kind of jewel they are, or crystal in Pete's case. When someone loves what they do the price is pretty negligible.

The path is yours to follow or not follow, no one can do it for you. It's alot of work climbing up a mountain but if you just get to it you become amazed how far and how fast you have gone.

Years ago I lived up north and hated the winters and knew there had to be some warm place for me out there to live. When I was twelve years old I heard a story about Maui and was awestruck over it.

Now I live there and work in Alaska which also has been very good to me. I tend to circulate an old affirmation "I always have pretty of money to do what ever I want" and things seem to manifest that way. Maybe I should add "always have enough time to do everything I desire...." because that seems a little short on those fun things.