Hi All,

I had posted a bitter reply on 6/28/05 that I had gotten zero results from using the AFL program. Pete responded with a highly informative and encouraging post and I decided to give the program another shot and this time I was going to commit to following through on the program.

Well, since then I've experienced extremely interesting results:

- As I've never owned a car before, I decided I wanted an affordable second hand car in mint running condition, so that I could garner driving experience (getting a brand new car at this stage didn't make sense to me). I chose to manifest a 2001 Honda Accord EX, leather seats, sunroof, in silver, at an affordable price. Funny thing is my brother-in-law, Franky, owned that exact same car and it was his car I would visualize during my visualizations because the image was so clear to me. About a week-and-a-half later, my wife announces to me during dinner that Franky was going to sell his car to a dealer, but he would offer us the car for significanly less amount if we wanted it. In addition, we didn't have to pay him all at once, but could pay him off monthly. WOW!!! (Franky had bought an SUV and didn't feel the need for a second car).

- One of my other longer term outcomes was to lose fat and get in shape (target weight of 170-175 lbs with a bodyfat level between 7-10%, from a starting weight of 229lbs). Having a car has now made it possible for my wife and I to join a gym with excellent facilities at an extremely affordable price and we've been going religiously for 3 weeks now.

- Something significant happened this week toward the eventual manifestation regarding another outcome, but I'm gonna keep tight-lipped about that for now. Yah, call me superstitious.

The results thus far has been extremely encouraging and is definitely making a believer out of me. Is all the stuff that I've been experiencing so far sheer coincidence? Who know, who cares, as long as I'm getting positive results.

Be well,