So, I've been reading all of the above and its really cool. I love the discussion and the emotions it draws out in me. From feelings of great hope to GOD this will never work.
But I started to think about it. Although I haven't used the actual course Abundance for Life. I've used other things like it. Bob Scheifeld's 11th Element and Hale Dwoskins Sedona Method, paraliminals prosperity, personal magnetism, as well as numerous others. My question to myself was, have I experienced abundance since starting down this path and using these courses. The overwhelming answer is YES! In the most unbelievable ways. Internally I can't even really begin to explain it. If I compare myself to where I was two years ago there is such a difference. In attitude, relations, personal satisfaction and Lifestyle.
1 and a half years ago I was evicted from my apartment. I owed everyone money. College loans, old landlords etc, I had no steady job and was making a living, barely, day to day. My car was like this total beat up Mitsubishi Galant (normally a fine car), that had been a repaired total wreck. I moved in with someone that I ended up not likeing at all. I had a realestate license but no Clue what I was doing. My relationship with my mom was improving but still strained and bitter at times. The amount of stuff that happened between then and now is so gradual that it could be easy to not take note.
But to make it quick, In about two months I got my job back at a very lucrative local restaurant. The one I'd been fired from a year before for my bad attitude. I sold one of the workers there his first home and my first real sale. I sold another his first business a pizza restaurant, helping change his life for the better. I reignited my passsion for soccer, by randomly calling a skills coach and volunteering to work for free just to learn. (This past summer I was the director of the Town sponsered soccer camp, 62 kids, five coaches).
I went from the Mitsubishi Galant, to a newer Nissan Maxima, and today I'm driving a Infiniti Qx5 SUV. My moms, who I have an awesome relationship with. When my Maxima got caught in a flash flood (no kidding), she just gave it to me, I don't know if its mine forever but i'm driving it now.
I'm now on the doorstep of negotiating multi-friggin-million dollar deals in commercial realestate.
I'm closer to my brothers and sisters than ever. My love life is more satisfying and deeper than I ever imagined. (you gotta understand I'm practically crying writing all this, I'm so grateful)
My roomate is so cool, he's totally my bestfriend. I have multiple job offers from other firms on the table. I never imagined. I thought abundance was everyone thinking I was awesome and so accomplished and had so much more than everyone else. But its not, when you love what you have it grows.
To say all that happened after was just serendipity is true and not true. Its true because it has a feeling of awesome spontaneity, but also its just opening up your own mind to it and seeing it and to use the cliche'd word letting it FLOW. In my opinion We ALREADY HAVE the abundance WITHIN, all these courses do is show you how allow it. It manifests differently for each according to their life and their needs, but my god it does happen, it does come.