Hey irishmale,
You made a smart move. You see, I think most people expect something magical from a program, and thus the negativity.

Every aspect of becoming someone who is now Being Prosperous and Abundant, is covered. You can only attract what you Are.
Fortunately, a lot of it is simply removal of stuff. And the seminars and paraliminals address this.

Removal from the trance that keeps people thinking the evidence in the material world is what decides their fate.

Removal of Beliefs that there is limitation in what you can create.

If you ask me, the paraliminals alone are worth the money. The remainder makes it golden.

My only complaint is that the paper CD holders are not adequate to keep the CD's in good condition. I finally woke up and realized i had better get them in Jewel cases, which is what I just did about a year after purchase.

I'm going to probably ask for a replacement of one of my Prelude CD's, as it has gathered some dust material or something on it which makes it skip now.

But back to the program: I think that one of the most common reasons for people who fail, with or without an audio program such as this, is that they never figure out what really makes their Soul sing with jubiliation. They never set an objective, besides something as vague as more money.

Because it is called Abundance For Life, some people think: "ok where's the money, LSC, I got your program", but it's necessary to do the exercise enclosed in this program, which guides you through deciding on definite objectives that you can concretely imagine.

The more thought and feeling you pour into an image that represents your ideal life, every day, with visualization, the faster it comes. And Bobbie Stevens' process which is one of the thing LSC bases this program on, emphasizes the establishment of definite objectives.


Originally posted by irishmale:
Hi everyone, i've been reading all your mails with great interest, ya see i ordered afl during the week so i was a little scared when i read the first couple of mails....very negative i must say...but im glad i read right through to the end, it's giving me hope that this course could work for me, now im looking foreward to getting hold of it, and i'll certainly visit here again...thanks everyone....bye for now.

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