That's really cool Ana. This example is like the epitome of what happens when your consciousness makes that important move up a certain notch, above the belief that we will need to be victims once in a while and that never changes.

On a lesser scale, I was finding myself not remembering my vow to stay above the struggle mentality and really resenting a hosting company that promised a $50 gift certificate for Amazon for signing up with them.

Then I was making my bed, and for some reason, I dont' know why then. I remembered some quote in a book, I think by Joseph Murphy, that you need to just believe and accept that whatever is rightfully yours has to come!.. and then my anger dropped because I realized.. of course.. I will probably receive this equivalent from, say, my phone company who gives me a refund. I completely released like a heavy bag of sand.

So what happens, the never next day, I get an email from the company. The billing head tells me she will send me a check for the $50 bucks, and it arrived the next day in the mail literally.

Life happens from inside, out, hah?!..

Feel and know: peace and non-struggle inside, and the outside has to follow. It if didn't, then I would expect gravity to suddenly turn off also. It's just simply Law.

Originally posted by ana:
I am still in the middle of the AFL course and did have something interesting occur this week I'd like to share. I have traveled an incredible amount in the past 20 years, predominantly for my work and also for pleasure (perhaps 1.5M miles in total). I had something happen this week that NEVER occurred in the past. I had a $550 non-refundable ticket for a trip I could not take. I phoned the airline to discuss changing the schedule (with the hope of redeeming some part of the expenditure somehow). Well to my amazement after a bit of discussion, the ticket agent stated, "It seems that we did have a schedule change here so I'll just refund you the full amount of the ticket to your card." !!!! I can't help but feel that unseen forces that I am shifting as a result of my work in the AFL course had something to do with this VERY unusual occurence. I am most grateful and am REALLY looking forward to the next surprises!