Read anything on intuition? Yep. That's that the Labyrinth Paraliminal in the Abundance For Life course aims to trigger. Genius Code Course was also very productive for me in that area.

The techniques from it gave me the first clue that I was going to make a significant change in my life on a certain day at a certain time. I even posted the prediction on the Genius Code Course forum before it happened. On the day in question I received and signed a contract and dropped it into the letter box at a certain time. In Paul's PhotoReading class at my instructor training I had the intuitive flash that I was returning to the states for another visit. Something I seriously doubted and thought unlikely at the time and yet I was back in the states not 4 months later for the retreat that was the foundation of the Abundance For Life course.

At that retreat I learned I was going to experience delay and holding pattern for 5 months. I was really at a lost to see how thing would work out but work out they did. I got a contract that made it possible for me to start a business and I became certified as a PhotoReading instructor. And right now my intuition is again telling me something big is on my time line. Exactly what again I don't know but I know the intuition well enough just to maintain a stance of open expectancy.