See, this is why I like this thread! And similar threads, where we get to hear about and share progress.

I have not yet ordered or taken this course, but it has been on my wish list for some time (since I first got a promotional mailing with a CD about it).

On the other hand, I recently began listening to the Prosperity Paraliminal and also read this entire thread. I also have been seriously studying my Natural Brilliance course along with a bunch of Napoleon Hill books (working on some Direct Learning there! ).

Well, I was sharing some of this stuff with my 82 year old father who just two weeks ago lost his wife of 35 years (not my mom; they're are divorced and she is still alive in a different state). I was also telling him about affirmations which recently came back into my life via Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams via his book, THE DILBERT FUTURE (the entire last chapter builds up an argument arguing FOR writing affirmations to achieve success. This is done in a serious tone--a total left-hand turn from the rest of the book!

Well, while I was on the phone with him, I got a very important phone call from someone offering me a huge marketing opportunity among a crowd of 1,000 people coming this Sunday (it's a volunteer gig as a storyteller that will lead to testimonials, CD sales and future gigs).

That night, my wife came home with something unprecedented: a $1,000 check as a gift from her boss! We were even in the completely unprecented position of possibly having to refuse it--which made us feel even more prosperous!

Well, I forgot to tell my Dad two instructions that Scott Adams had given in THE DILBERT FUTURE: 1) don't write "I want..." because a) it distances you from the blessing and b) because by that word, you already have it: you do WANT it! So it's done!

And 2) Don't write something like "I will win the lottery", because as Adams puts it, it severely limits you and depends too much on your ability, as he says "to steer: (as in "your luck", which he believes that maybe that is what is happening when affirmations, you are literally "steering your luck" and it works! He gives a bunch of pretty amazing examples of how he used affirmations).

Well, my Dad called me the next day to share with me this experience: he wrote 15 times that day, "I, Phil ______, want to win the lottery"! He said he just did it "as a lark", not really expecting anything. He was quite excited to tell me that he had bought a ticket as part of "the lark". And he got 4 out of 6 numbers and won $55!

So, I don't know about you all, but these little coinciding angles (coincidences) feel like little signs that we are moving in the right direction. I still told my Dad why there are much better investments for his money, time and affirmation writings and that writing "I want" and depending such a specific lucky occurence is really not in the spirit of the Law of Attraction--more like the Law of Averages! He won't do that anymore. But still...

It felt kind of like it was the Universe just giving my Dad (and maybe me too) a sign in the midst of his grieving and a little thread of hope. He is open to this stuff and it is kind of part of the family as his parents, my grandparents became devout Christian Scientists while he was a teen. And though, that may be a little too dogmatic for me in terms of how to do spiritual healing, and for my Dad, he never fully embraced CS as a religion, nevertheless, our whole family always has been somewhat open to spirituality as part of every day life and healing of any situation: physicial, emotional, mental, financial, relational or whatever.

Thank you Alex for sharing your much more clear results from your work with these tools. I do look forward to working with AFL. I may get that before SONIC ACCESS.

I am receiving a CD upgrade to my cassette version of PhotoReading this week, so my focus will be on Natural Brilliance and that.

I may also try Clear Vision, Bright Future again, though it was only $30 last time I did it (there was a discount code).

Anyway, thanks for continuing this thread and the discussion.

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