Hi ABFL practitioners,

Yes I have experienced a massive change in fortunes since I received ABFL and followed the course.

The first experience was very intense and kind of scared me off for a while, then I used it for a second time and had a similarly quick and positive response, I will continue to use this technique and other similar to achieve the life I want.

So here is some outline:

In the later part of 2005 the company that I had been working for started to go bust and stopped paying me. I was not in a good place having just divorced from my wife and lost 50% of my net worth, moved back to the UK from Sweden to Brighton a town I had never lived in before and was just managing to hold things together.

With my job collapsing I thought the best thing to do with the last of my money was to go on a trip to get my head together. I spent a month in Thailand, meditating, drinking beer and having a lot of smooth flowing good times and here I recognised that a lot of my problems were in my head and that being happy and positive was definitely the way to make my life work in my favour. If you have never been to Thailand I can assure you that to smile and be calm and accepting of the moment is the way to experience the best of it.

I came back to the UK for a month, borrowed more money and went away again. First to India to get some Microsoft certifications and then to South East Asia again to chill out for a couple of months, Microsoft certs are not easy to get and India is not fun if you like bars and women When I returned I had no money left, was faced with selling my motorbike (R1200GS) which was a divorce present to myself, and possibly losing my apartment which I had let out while I was away.

During the first week back I heard about ABFL and blagged the last few 's on a credit card to buy it. I was just hanging around aimlessly looking for work, fortunately I live by the sea and it was warm so life was still relatively easy and I had time on my hands. I went through the whole course and out of the seven things I wanted to happen in my life two occurred in quick succession.

I had wanted to fully refurbish my apartment and have hardwood floors, open plan kitchen and new bathroom, up to the standards of my previous home in my last relationship. The people that I had rented my flat to while I had been away had trashed it a little (Australian female travellers!) and it definitely needed some TLC. I was specific about my requirements and I did the paraliminals and the meditations for a couple of weeks.

And then my apartment was gutted by fire. Shock! no not really, I remember then recognising it for what it was and it was not coincidence or chance or ill fortune more like a synchronistic event, read Deepak Chopra's Syncrodestiny for more on that.

Now I should say very specifically that I did not burn my own apartment down, the police, fire dept & insurance company believed me so I assume you will as well. However the most likely cause of the fire, though not proven, as there was no forensic evidence due to the intensity of the fire, was my laptop being left switched on (turns out it was one with a dodgy battery, inherited from my ex employers) balcony doors being left open as it was a hot day and a designer Swedish sofa from the 60's that was apparently not as fireproof as they make them these days. Looking at these key points I can see how they are all linked to the things that were going on in my life at the time especially the inherited laptop and sofa which were undoubtedly the cause of the fire. My action though was leaving it switched on and near the sofa and leaving the door open. All actions I had performed many times before but this time!! Bam, my whole life changed, just after I had made a commitment to change my life by following ABFL, I just cannot believe it was a chance occurrence.

I lost nearly all of my possessions in the fire which were pretty meagre after my relationship breakdown and in many ways were tying me to the past, it was a cathartic experience.

The fire happened on a Sunday afternoon when I was meant to be out on a first date and I was due to start a good new job on the next day (second thing on the list was to get job and stablise finances), Monday morning. Fortune continued for me that day, the date which I had postponed for a couple of hours while I went to look through the burnt out shell of my flat turned good and I had a bed for the night My new employers was a bit surprised but when I went in with the charred remains of my MCSE certificates (strangely one of the few things that survived even though only 3ft from the source of the fire) on the Tuesday were supportive.

My insurance companies paid out and my flat has now been refurbished and I have it exactly as I wanted, hardwood floors etc, and all and my immediate money worries were resolved with interim insurance payouts for the contents.

While the flat was being refurbished I moved closer to the sea in a wonderful apartment in the centre of town which was a great interim bachelor pad and all I had to do was buy a new wardrobe and completely re-invent myself.

My flat is in a tower block and no one else was hurt or even inconvenienced outside of my apartment even though the fire hydrant system failed in the building. Lucky? maybe but I honestly believe it was directly related to the way I was creating reality through the processes described by ABFL. Obviously I did not consciously choose to have my apartment burnt down but I did get exactly what I chose when using ABFL. The cause and the effect were clear to me and my feeling of control over my mental state at a time when a lot of people assumed that I would go under only got stronger as I realised the potential we all have to control our external reality.

I will never stop working with this and other techniques in an effort to master my own mind and my experience of this reality.

Another book to read that really helped me to accept the true nature of reality is the holographic universe by Michael Talbot. There is something far stranger going on than we may ever be able to conceive but it is apparent to me that techniques like ABFL allow us to connect with a universal flow of energy and set into motion patterns of cause and affect that are controlled by our own conscious awareness, all experiences are down to us, good or bad, we can choose, though most people do not realise they have a choice.

I learned a lot through these experiences and got what I wanted so I can have more balance in my life so I can give more to others. This is the thing to remember I think as we are all the same or at least we are all expressions of the same universal something.

Ok enough, it was a trip and I attribute at least this part of it to ABFL. My apartment was refurbished to spec with no effort on my part and I made a profit of 50,000 based on its post refurb state. It worked for me on this occasion and has also worked to find me a wonderful woman which is another ABFL story all of its own but an abundance of a completly different sort.

For all those with doubts about ABFL you can be assured that your doubts will constrain you and hold you back. Be open to the information provided, always maintain a positive frame of mind and want the best not just for yourself but for all sentinent beings.

Namaste - The spirit in me recognises the spirit in you.