I did the program twice. The first time was about a year ago. In my perception at the time I thought I actually lost everything that was dear and near to me (including custodudy of my children) that I raised completely alone for 14 years. The kids didn't even know thier father, my house and my business was holding on by a thread.

At that time I did not do the program correctly. I didn't do the writing ie: condition of my creation. One ot the creation was that I declared for myself was wealth.

As a result of this, what I see now which I didn't see then was my children were holding me back. There is only 24 hours in a day and two special ed kids take up a lot of it. ( we get what we ask for) so it's essential to be very clear.

I ended up renting a room for 5 months after I lost my 4 floor house and the condition terrible. I could barely pay my bills.

I did the program again only this time I had the time to follow it. I trusted and most important which Paul repeats again and again is to FEEL THE BEST YOU COULD FEEL, BE HAPPY, GRATEFUL.

With this new world view in a short 5 months, wealth came to me abundantly. I meet a life partner, together we moved into a nice apartment. he is kind and generous. my father bought me a car, my sister paid for me to learn new skills for the business, a client of mine and I were talking and I told her of my website problems. She offered to barter, she created a new website and posted my listing on a number of different sites. My business is so busy I need to hire help.

I also read Ask and it is Given. It is the same concept. We are vibration and if we send out the sensation of lack rather than abundance that is what we attract, such is the Laws of Attraction.

I pass on a habit I developed which it to write a list of 5 things every night that I am grateful for. It could be a warm bed to sleep in, a nice meal, someone warm to sleep with. Find your things everyday and appreciate them. And I promise it will come.