As pathetic as it may sound, I have all three variations: The Einstein Factor book, The Einstein Factor tape set, and The Genius Code.

The Genius Code provides more value than the others. The Einstein Factor products are interesting, but less practical than The Genius Code. They provide techniques, but aren't as strong in the realm of application. If you want real value out of the techniques, the decoding aspects of The Genius Code go far beyond anything found in the other two products.

In addition, with The Genius Code you get the fast finish sessions, lucid dreaming, direct learning. (Technically, you get enough of Photoreading that you could apply it if you worked at it), and the paraliminal session.

In my opinion, as far as Learning Strategies products go, The Genius Code has earned its place in the triumvirate, along with PRWMS and Natural Brilliance.

Good luck in your quest.