I don't really know what image streming really is but judging by your responses I think that I can do it.
When I look at an object or objects, I can shut my eyes and when in the right frame of mind, I can still see the objects as if my eyes were open. The colours are different, however. I can change the colour of the objects but not consciously. I can also move the whole image about in my head.
The first time this happened to me, I was staring at a bottle on a table, paying no attention to any of the other objects on the table. When the image formed in my mind, I was surprised to find that I could not only see the bottle but all the other objects on the table. I concluded that this is how the photographic memory works.
To see these images, you have to be relaxed, no need to take drugs. Relax and just let the image form, don't try to force it as this brings the conscious into play. The conscious mind is not what's responsible for the image. The unconscious mind is. the image is formed when the unconscious and the conscious minds are brought together. Explaining the approach is difficult but try this.