Here's my two-bucks,

Within the past couple of years, a buddy of mine and I have:

- Participated and repeated the Silva Basic course
- Purchased and gone through the basic homestudy course
- Attended & particpated in the Silva UltraMind course, as well as, own and gone through the homestudy version of this program
- Bought and read numerous books on Silva, including the most recent book by Burt Goldman

Well, after all is said and done, all we have to show for our time, effort and money is...nada, zippo. I mean, sure, we know how to get to and stay at level, do the formula techniques, etc., but in terms of programming and successfully manifesting short & long-term goals via Mirror of the Mind, Three-Scene & Mental Video techniques, well, the results, IF ANY, have been very, very dismal.

My budddy and I have consulted with each other, have consulted with others via email, phone and in person and after 2 years of consistent practice and study, we've concluded that this method does not deliver as promised. Don't get me wrong, the Silva method is very good for one learning how to relax and experience a meditative state to relieve stress, but from our experience it doesn't live up to all the claims we've read and heard about. As a result, this past Friday at dinner, my friend and I unanimously decided that Silva is out and therefore, we're moving on to other things.