Hi Webcrawler,

Thanks for your feedback. I can understand your frustration after spending two years doing consistent daily practice (I assume that you mean practicing everyday and not just regularly one to two times a week?) that you should be dissappointed with the method.

It is good that you have learned to get into state - this is really the most important aspect of the method - learning to use mental tools that enable you to control your state. So you certainly have gained from the experience.

It is interesting how modern marketing promotes such an "instant results" culture for the sake of sales that it really does a disservice to people who are really seeking to develop themselves.

In the past, when you would seek to learn about these sorts of things, you had to first find someone who had real knowledge of the subject - no easy task, and this would weed out many of the curiosity seekers. Then, when you did find someone capable of teaching you, there often would be a probationary period imposed. This was for the sake of your own development - it takes an iron resolve to master such things (and certainly the power of manifestation would be such a special thing), and you would be learning lots of foundational things that you would at that time be taking for granted because you wanted "to get to the real stuff". This again would weed out those who didn't have the correct attitude and resolve for this line of work. To really open those doors it takes the attitude - "If it takes 5 years, ten years, 20 years...if I have to continue for the rest of my life without any apparent results, then so be it." This obviously doesn't jibe with the current trend in the marketing of such programs.

Basically the programs are sound, but their marketing is not.

Moving from one program to another looking for the one that will give you short-term results is a real trap. You have to simply pick one system and continue working faithfully with it into the future without any kind of thought in the back of your mind - "Just one more year and if I don't see results then this is a bunch of bunk." If you will take this approach, most of the systems out there will work. It probably won't take the rest of your life to see results, but you have to have taken on this attitude of iron resolve and committment before real progress will be open to you.

This is actually the key to lasting intimate relationships as well. People move from one relationship to another (one system to another) looking for the right one. They are always looking and never truly engaged and committed. The paradox is that you will not find the right one until you completely engage and commit yourself.

I speak from experience here - and I know that the skeptics will say that adopting the attitude that I suggest is playing yourself for a fool and opening yourself up to every scam out there. However, I have achieved results (phenomenal results) in every system that I have worked with. I have taken the long path of many years of faithful daily practice of meditation and service. I do not conjecture - I know because I have done the experiment for myself.

Two years to get a good foundation is a start - you were possibly just nearing the portal of true progress. I imagine that you may have been hovering about it for some time. I imagine that there are certain attitudes that will need to adjust, certain ideas that will need to be shed before you will fit through that door. You can move from one system to the next, but that obstacle will follow you whereever you go because it is internal.

I really feel for you and others who have been misled by the marketing around these various programs. Pretty much all of these systems can work, but the marketing is misleading. The people working these systems know that they work and that they will work very quickly for a select number of people. They try to get testimonials from this special group that sees very quick and phenomenal results. This won't be the case for the majority who lack the resolve to really do the needed work or who have certain mental blockages to success which will need to be dealt with before true progress can begin.