Silva method and success:
About 10 years ago I studied the basic Silva method and did get real, concrete results. It was one of the first self improvement methods I ever tried, and my faith in the program (and therefore myself) may have had a lot to do with it. My goals were a little odd: 1) a computer at a price I could afford (free), 2) a new mini-van when I had no money, and 3) financial independence. I achieved goals 1 and 2, although it took a total of 4-5 months to do it. Goal #3 didn't happen, I got a lot of discouraging feedback from people trying to "help", and I finally quit. I lost faith in myself. I've never had results like that since, with Silva or any other method.

I've known people who didn't like the Silva method--I think the wording didn't resonant with them. Different people respond to different words. I know I've tried some other programs and found they had word choices that turned me off--things like using the word "believe". To me, "believe" implies thinking something is true/will happen, but never having the proof. When one has proof, one no longer believes, one knows. So the phrase "Believe in myself" translates to "Think I can do it, but never see the results to confirm it."

So, that's my blurb. Silva works, but it may not be for everyone, all the time. livingsuccess has a point about "instant results". These days, I feel pulled so many different directions that if I don't see some encouraging signs within 2-3 weeks, I think I can't do it and that I'm wasting my time. I'd like to get back into Silva...