Hi SummitOfAmbition,
I didn't mean to scare people away from Sound Health Sound Wealth, but since you learned from this thread that SHSW contains types of programs you don't care for, then it's all good. The workbook isn't really a "workbook", by the way. It's more of an FYI book. At any rate, I'm keeping SHSW in my library (I'm one of those people who rarely returns things too), but I don't know if I would have ordered it if I'd realized how much of the process depended upon setting aside time for hypnosis CDs.

I do have a suggestion for you if you like the idea of background programming (no dedicated time or effort) but distrust subliminals. Innertalk.com offers a product/technology called "Whispers". They offer nine different programs, and perhaps one of them would be a nice compliment to your paraliminals.

Here's what InnerTalk says about their "Whispers" product:

"With Whispers™, you can have the reassurance that messages are indeed being channeled to your subconscious... because you can adjust your stereo balance all the way to the right and you'll hear the affirmations spoken softly. By returning the balance to the center, you can adjust these messages precisely to your hearing threshold so all that you hear is the gentle soothing music. Whispers™ is not for those who may be disturbed by the sound of voices whispering continuously in the background music. Whispers™ can be played at anytime. "

InnerTalk.com is also just a fun site to browse through--interesting articles 'n stuff.

That's my two cents. Now, if I can just get my Belief paraliminal to help me believe I can get the type of results that Frodo02 gets... As always, I'm open to suggestions from this forum.