Through the combined use of the following, many of which are present in dramatically different cultural environments, and hardly ever debated over in their effectiveness scientificly, you'll change your life:

- Deep relaxation in an awake state
- Visually attentive subject (geometric patterns, sunsets, etc.) non-repeating and containing only inanimate objects (keep focus on self)
- Low volume white noise or other "background" sounds
- Soft, clear voice talking in an informed, confident manner:

You are wise
You are intelligent
You retain all that you learn
You learn things easily

...and all sorts of similar.

If you have to use caffiene/THC/alchohol to focus/blur your attention, ween off of it. If you exercise, do this right AFTER.

This is true brain washing, and (repeated) will convince you of all it says. The messages, even niave at first glance, can be powerful and long lasting. Although the term "brain washing" is loaded, there is nothing harmful or unethical about this.

(1) Write down your message (best to read up on quality messages in your local pibrary)
(2) Record 60 minutes of them on top of soft music using the Kaereoke setting of any modern boom box.
(3) Light a fire, a candle, rent an "aquarium" video or "sunset" video (they exist - keep looking)

Repeat once a week.

Thanks for keeping up with this long one.