Marcia Emery's PowerHunch is a good book. It's an interesting complement to The Einstein Factor. They are very similar in some ways. She teaches something very much like imagestreaming as a means of "listening" to your intuition.

I think part of the issue is that we are so outwardly focused. Unless intuition takes a 2x4 to the back of our head, we miss it.

So, Margaret is correct--the Marcia Emery stuff will help. Alex is correct--the imagestreaming will help. Anything that turns your attention inward and gives you an opportunity to notice your internal signals is worthwhile.

In my case, using the Silva Method of going to alpha has resulted in a dramatic improvement in intuition and creativity (I think they're related, so I'm not surprised).

For example, I was talking to a woman one day and she told me that I would never guess her middle name. Not 2 seconds after she said that, it "popped" into my mind. When I told her, she was amazed. I then somehow knew who her last relationship had been with at work and that this person had been fired. It was all very odd because I didn't know her very well and had only heard the mention of her former flame once, in passing, from an entirely different person and on an entirely different topic. Couldn't even begin to understand how all the pieces came together in my head, but they did and we were both shocked.

1. Learn to go to alpha
2. Imagestream
3. Listen to paraliminals and pay attention to your inner experience as you listen
4. Do anything else that relaxes you and relaxes your internal editor/critic

Any of these things should help.