This is a fine post. You state your position clearly and without malice. Thanks.

I choose not to quibble with the use of the word genius, although it may be an overstatement. Here is my interpretation:

Genius means using more of your potential than you might otherwise use. Nothing flowery here. No promise of grand inventions. We all have a different baseline. No program will get us all to an equal level that the general population might consider genius. However...I do believe that the program will get all of us beyond our current level of functioning. I can say that I sometimes practice the techniques spelled out in Genius Code and sometimes don't. I can, with complete sincerity, claim that I feel sharper and more intuitive when using the techniques then when I don't.

In a world of absolutes, the claim is overstated. If you're willing to accept that we all could stand to raise our level of functioning, the program provides an effective means for getting there. If I claim to be a great cook, it is based on my starting point, NOT on where some world-class chef might be. Does this mean that my ending point exceeds your starting point? Not necessarily. Regardless, if I am pleased with my progress and satisfied with my current ending point, what difference does it make? My reality is not your reality, and progress is a good thing. The product is an enabler, NOT a morphing tool.

So, it is quite possible that this product could take you beyond where you are now. Then again, it might not.

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