As I was reading your post I really started to feel for you and your experiences. I have had similar ones ... though I don't consider myself in the top 100 of anything.

My intuition tells me that your experience of genius may lie outside of figuring things out. Rather, it probably lies in pioneering and creativity. You seem to be very adapt at figuring, of accumulating knowledge and learning to navigate with expertise within existing patterns.

What might be very exciting and rewarding for you is to take the body of knowledge you have in your current field of endeavor and excellence and mapping that space. Now take your finger and put it on a spot outside of that shape.

There's your area of experiementation, creativity, and pioneering, if you will.

I think Shr33m is really on to something, and I agree with what he (?) says.

I've enjoyed reading both your posts. You have good things to say.