I've just started this course today.

Right from side A of the first tape, i can sense this is a most worthwhile course. A feeling for strong words is a part of my personal power. People who can use vocabulary speak from a position of respect. I'm not out to impress anyone, but rather to express myself clearly.

On the tape, which includes Paul and Dr. Bennett speaking, is the illustration of how nice it is to have extra $$$ in your pocket. This image is carried over to having extra words to use. I can sense i'll come away from this course w/ higher self-esteem. And, this will help me w/ my intuition work.

My teacher says that the end of education is character. We are not supposed to be educated only to use our degrees as begging bowls.

I also think the paraliminals are going to be terrific. Paul somehow has all the words in the course presented in them. Heavens!