I should have completed my Masters degree in Adult education last month but have not finished three projects, one of which is my thesis. I have done more than enough research to do 300 projects. I should be writing a book but Iím either prolific or stone cold because I cannot get rid of the excess and I have no confidence in my own writing. If I could speak about I am fine. But when I write nothing is good enough. So, Iíve been ĺ done on 3 different projects at least 3 different times. I've probably done more research then I would need for a dissertation but at this rate Iíll not know. My goal is to get them done by the 15th and apply for the doctorate program by Dec 1st.
The way I figure it is if I am to accomplish this, PhotoReading must work because Iíd like to do my dissertation on Holistic Faculty Development and its effects on Faculty and Students. I'd already planned on using affirmations. I feel that by developing faculty differently it will create a desire for teaching differently which would assure learning.
It wonít matter if I donít finish though. Iím going to bring 2 appropriate books for my topic. I know that if some drastic change does not take place in my synthesizing of information, I will only stress my self out not and that is unacceptable because I have a purpose to fulfill.
I can quickly plan a full-blown learning conference without a problem and inspire others. Itís just writing. Is it possible to get closer to attaining my goals with Photoreading? I'd like to be able to take in and understand all my research and then bring out whatever is necessary in my own words. Iím sure Iíve ended up here and now for for a reason. Any feedback is welcome.