Hmm ...

This reminds me of my younger days in college.

It was summer time. The carnival had just rolled into our city and well, thats where the girls were.

So, out focus was on going to the carnival and neglecting our studies.

Well, as it would turn out, by the time we new it, the final exam had rolled around and we had not even cracked open or primed our Marketing book.

At the time, we were very competative friends. So we struck a bargain, to see who could 'memorize' the entire 500 page Marketing book in a matter of hours and pass the final exam.

Guess what? We failed. No. We aced the exam and more and learned a valuable lesson that day ... the amazing power of the mind when driven with intent.

You can reach any goal (Hint, Hint ... Writing for example), if that is your intent and I mean your true 100% intent. There can be no room for second guessing. It's all or nothing. If you choose all, you accomplish anything, you win and your confidence soars.

By the way, writing begins the moment your pen touches the paper or your finger presses the first key on the keyboard. Take that first step, and let the momemtum carry you forward.

So, set your intent on writing and completing those projects. After all they are a true test as