I remember some years ago i was viewing a video on photoreading and Pete Bissionette the president of Learning Strategies Corporation was sharing about what or who Photoreading would not work for. Pete mentioned that people needing a miracle people coming from desperation that would not work.

What i suggest to you is that you learn photoreading later in the future and learn photoreading on a book that has nothing related to your schoolwork or your job.In other words learn photoreading on a book (preferably a simple book) a book like a self help book or a hobby. A book that has nothing attached to it in terms of consequences. You can purchase the photoreading book at Borders books & music or at Amazon.com.

After you have mastered photoreading on simple books & feel confident with the system then use it on more complex material.You have a lot to gain from learning & mastering photoreading it's just your current situation is it is now not the the right time now to be learning photoreading.You want to be relaxed when learning photoreading & not stressed out.