I do not see the blip page!! and yet I photoread. I think the seminar, home study course and book go into too much detail about the blip page. (They portray it as a very important part of PRing, yet it isn't!) If like me you don't see it or don't in the beginning, you immediatly become confronted (or at least in my case) about your beliefs as a learner and the whole process becomes very uncomfortable(lot's of negative self talk ie is this working etc.)

THE BLIP PAGE IS A SAFETY MECHANISM!. From my own experience, I can safely say you don't need to see a blip page to PR. It all comes down to the old adage If you think you can PR, YOU CAN!

When PRing, you need to be in a peripheral state. Something I found very useful to gain this state and to keep my conscious mind active, was to place objects around my book and room and see how many I could see whilst still noticing the book and page shape. All the steps of PRing can be done away from PRing a book, this vision I use whilst trying to navagate my way through the crowds at a very busy train station, I get to my platform quickly, not having hit anybody whilst walking or getting annoyed when somebody abruptly stops and I have to change direction, I just pick my course and go..I am trying to do it on the sports field, although it is proving tricky, but I'll get it!

Hope this helps