If like me you have read and re-read the book multiple times, something that is implicitly and explicitly told is NOPS. The key I think been P=PLAY. I have only really recently discovered that when you play with the system/process does your other than conscious mind yield the goods!

Remember than the Photoreading step is your other than conscious mind absorbing the written information, thus since it is 'going in' a different way, many times the extra activation that I think you want, will appear as you least expect it. I think one of the best things I have found is to think about WHERE and HOW shall I use this information..often it is when you rememerber to think about this in stating your purpose, that consciously you recognise the extra information that you didn't consciously activate and thus can be directly correlated to the Photoreading step itself.

Finally, S=STAY. I have stopped and started the process many times, always during the off times believing the the sytem must and does work. Now I have used all what I know to get to this point in my PRind development, and all I can say is STAY with it because the process does delivery. Maybe there is somehting more important that you need to learn and the PRing system is that bridge between here and now. Look at the website and how people have benefitted from making use of the system. Not everybodies noted benefit has been..I have got an A in my Science exam.