Hey guys,
What's up? Pete, this is really weird, when you guys started to talk about photofliping, I was like what in the world is that. But now that it's a little more elaborated, I can tell you this, it works better for me than photoreading. Actually I use them both. I used to be impatient with photoreading, I mean, at the begginning photoreading ten books a day wasn't a simple task, so I accelerated the photoreading step by just breezing through the book(fanning).(I call myself an irresponsible photoreader for wanting to go even faster) The pages suddenly came to be so clear to me, even at the conscious level. It's amazing, Once I intentionally focused on the my conscious perception while fanning, but I couldn't focus on the words because they were passing by to fast, but I could notice both pages clearly as one big thing. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know my experience on this, I studied for my life insurance license that way. Guess what? I'm licensed.
Sincerely, Aizan