Pete, I am happy to find a place where PhotoReading can be discussed (on my time, which is usually pretty late at night)LOL!
One of my most interesting experiences with PhotoReading is the way that it impacts my dreaming, where I can virtually process the material that I photoread through dream sequences and thus enhance the understanding of the material later in waking state.
At the beginning I became concerned from what it seemed sleepless nights and a very active mind. However, with time I began to see the relevance of the dreams to the material that I had photoread, and I began to device ways that I could capture the dreams and even to promote longer lucid dreaming sessions. I found that mindmapping and mindscaping(drawing) the dreams brought me significant insights about the material and its relevance to my purpose for reading. I'm wondering if anyone else in this forum would like to share some other techniques that they might have found useful for capturing their dreams.