Hey all,

I had an occurence after PRing several books on a topic last night. I am about to embark on a large amount of study for a commercial exam, which I need to pass...anyway..last night thought I'd let my unconscios mind view the material. PR'ed several books on the same topic, after PRing I thought blow, it what have you got to show me then, picked up the first book and just opened it. I was drawn to a section, with the word reading in it. As I read further I was being decribed the weekly amount of reading a professional needs to do during the course of an average week to keep up with the latest technology and views in the industry that I am about to enter. 2000 pages a week the 'experts thought'. I thought maybe a coincidence, but thank you I can PR the the material to stay with the experts...and get ahead and still have a life after work!