I took this off another forum denouncing Photoreading.


"Photoreading" is bull****. The book is merely a come-on for the seminar.

When you hear someone claim that they can photoread, ask for a concrete test. You will notice that they become evasive and explaining away any non-result. Even though the word "photoreading" is a concatenation
of "photo" (as in photograph) and "reading" it turns out that they will deny that they are doing either a photographic memorization OR reading. You cannot test them by asking for the contents of a table on page 148, or even to give a precis of a certain chapter.
Instead, they will anecdotally claim that snippets information will sometimes "activate" when they need to know it. I.e., it is totally unverifiable/reproducible and you just have to take their word that they have done anything beyond picking up a few sentences here and there while glancing through a book. Alternatively, they will go through
additional steps such mind-mapping and slower reading that would allow them to absorb the information anyway
without the "photofocus" step, and then call the whole procedure photoreading!