Great connections! I will put Guy's book in my next shopping cart.

You have captured the dilemma that most people face when first learning to PhotoRead.

We recognize everyone's need to get all the information from a book. The question is, how soon? When we PhotoRead, incubate, then activate we are adding extra time and steps to what most people think is "real reading." After all, don't we gain more when we read consciously from start to finish? Obviously not!

Once you break the strangle hold that traditional reading puts on the brain's potential, you are free to discover and harness the vast power of the brain.

PhotoReading is the only protocol I have ever seen that makes the nonconscious resources of the brain the centerpiece of information gathering and problem solving. And the time dilemma is solved when you realize that using the entire system produces a better result and requires far less time than regular reading.