Hi again. Just being a beginner at this all, I have got a few more questions to ask - hope you don't mind.

1) When reading books with large page areas (especially WIDE books) do you need to 'stand back' or is the peripheral vision good enough to get the whole page at about 30cm (1 foot)?

2) And when you super-read these books, should you still scan your eyes down the one column (very wide column!) or let your eyes roam across, then down?

3) My ultimate goal is to photoread very detailed textbooks (medical pathology, biochemistry, anatomy, pharmacology, etc). In the manual, it says that 4-11% of text is salient, but I reckon in many of my readings(especially review articles in medical journals) EVERY SENTENCE contains vital information. May be closer to >60% of words with important meaning (only words like "the, and, or, etc" have no meaning!). Is photoreading system going to be effective in achieving >90% of these very technical readings? If so, will it mean that more super-reading/dipping will be required to get the full understanding?

4) Finally, are there any people out there who have been successful at reading very detailed books. I would particularly like to hear about any medical success stories.

Thanks again all